The World of Hip Hop and Breakdancing

Breakdancing took the world by storm during the 1980's. Evolving out of Hip Hop, breakdancing was stretched the body to its limits. This creative, energetic dance form has rem (MORE)

Basic Breakdance Moves

If you are looking for the ultimate form of self-expression through dance, then break dancing is for you. This dance, inspired by hip hop, has for several decades been the ult (MORE)
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Jay Z: The Good Songs and the Bad

Jay-Z's discography spans close to two decades and includes a number of multi-platinum records. He's come a long ways since the days of selling CDs out of his car. And, for th (MORE)

10 Steps on How to Break Dance for BBoying Fun

Break dancing or b-boying are a popular form of street dance that originated in big cities during the 1970s. It was predominantly introduced by Latinos and African-American yo (MORE)

Where to Find Dope Threads

Rap culture incorporates a style of clothing all its own. Hoodies, baggy pants and sneaker tennis shoes are all common apparel for rappers and their fans. However, hip hop clo (MORE)