The World of Hip Hop and Breakdancing

Breakdancing took the world by storm during the 1980's. Evolving out of Hip Hop, breakdancing was stretched the body to its limits. This creative, energetic dance form has rem (MORE)
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Eminen's Love Life

If you're a fan of Eminem's music, you've probably already know something about his romances-- after all, many experiences are chronicled in his lyrics. The Mariah Carey and E (MORE)
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Hip Hop Workout Songs: Get in Shape

Hip hop workout songs are great for keeping your energy up and your body moving. If you visit any gym in America, you're likely to hear some of hip hop's most sporty tracks--a (MORE)

Basic Breakdance Moves

If you are looking for the ultimate form of self-expression through dance, then break dancing is for you. This dance, inspired by hip hop, has for several decades been the ult (MORE)