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Hip Hop


The Top Five Rap Producers

Rappers may get all the credit, but the producers behind them are also important. Producers make huge decisions surrounding how tracks sound and can make or break an album. Many also go onto work on solo projects with collaborators. Listening to mix tapes from the best rap producers is also a great way to enjoy new music at its rawest....(more)

The Five Best Rap Producers

The artists that give birth to the creative ideas of a song are only half of the story. Not everyone remembers that there is always a producer who sits behind the mixer and gives the artists pointers on what a track should sound like. More often than not it is a combined creative input from the artist and the producer that makes a track a massive hit. Your favorite hip hop artists could lead you to find the best rap producer....(more)

The Hottest Hip Hop Producers of 2013

When a song is released, everyone usually focuses on the artist. Only a few remember the people behind the composition of the track. No matter what the genre is, producers play an important role in creating the music you love. Learning more about the best hip hop producers in the business will help you to appreciate the work that goes into every album....(more)

The Top Five Most Influential Contemporary Rap Producers

You have heard about Eminem, Jay-Z, and Drake. No doubt you'll have also heard of Fergie and Mary J. Blige. Many, however, forget about the rap music producer, the person that makes most of the decisions, remixes tracks and ensures that albums come out their best. Producers make or break an album, and they each have different styles....(more)

Early Rap

Tracing the Origins of Rap, Hip Hop

Rap and hip hop can trace its roots to several decades' worth of economic, political and societal issues. But today's urban music is vastly different than it was decades ago. The early artists, though, were trailblazers. While the music and the industry may have changed over the years, their influence is still felt today....(more)

Jay Z

Beyond a Resonable Doubt: Jay Z's First Album

Jay-Z started out by selling CDs out of his car. Eventually, he struck a deal with a record label to distribute his music. Soon after, "Reasonable Doubt" was released. It was a critical success and is widely considered as one of his best, if not the best, album....(more)

Hip Hop Hall of Fame: Jay Z

Jay-Z is one of the most successful rappers of all time. He has a number of multi-platinum and gold records, and is worth over $500 million. Jay-Z albums have an undeniable street feel to them, as the artist has stayed connected to his origins in the Brooklyn projects. His lyrical style, business vision and philanthropy for his community have earned Jay-Z a spot among hip hop's elite....(more)